What We Do

We work with Education Technology companies to help them grow and flourish. We believe in education that leads to a job, and focus especially on vocational and workforce education and employability. We can’t do it all by ourselves. We are looking for people to join us. People with a diversity of skills and experiences who can come together to achieve greater change than any one individual could think possible.

The Club exists to bring together a collaborative group of innovators and investors; experts who apply their know-how and experiences to help develop both Milamber-initiated projects and to enable Milamber’s portfolio companies to achieve their full potential.

The Club, given its Ambassadors are scattered across the globe, works both virtually and physically. In addition to digital communications and good old phone conversations, Ambassadors come together when required to work on projects. However we also bring people together at events to share ideas, thought leadership, cement individual relationships and participate in investment syndicates


1 Both Milamber itself and its Portfolio companies undertake numerous projects every year. These range from highly strategic to precise implementation. Our Ambassadors work across a number of Portfolio companies, with projects ranging from short-term engagements to taking seats on company boards. Rewards vary from Milamber shares for agreed services to Milamber itself to stocks and payments from the companies themselves.

Investment Opportunities

2 A key ingredient for many Ambassadors is access to investment opportunities, whether they be individual investments or as part of a syndicate with other Ambassadors and professional investors. Ambassadors are regularly updated on companies joining the Milamber Portfolio. Each quarter we present three to four companies that are open to investment and/or require project assistance. These have been certified “Investment Ready” after triaging and chaperoning by Milamber team.


1 Milamber hosts events for Ambassadors. In the US, events are held in key cities; Boston, San Francisco, Austin, New York. UK events are held in London.Usually featuring key note speakers, the events provide opportunities for Ambassadors to meet each other and Milamber Portfolio companies in person; fostering relationships and maximizing opportunities for collaboration among our people, portfolio companies, and partners.

Thought Leadership

2 Ideas only become reality when people connect with one another. That is what our event do, however we aim to reach a larger audience. We film (by mutual agreement) our Ambassadors sharing their business experiences, so that their insights and lessons can helpothers avoid pitfalls and help achieve greater success, more quickly.

Who we are looking for

Milamber is building an army of innovators and investors who want to change the world through education and learning.
People who believe in the power of education and have a passion and drive to make change happen; to become advocates for Milamber’s mission and the companies with which it works.
People who want to be in at the ground level of a movement that will help to change the world.
People who will give access to their expertise, knowledge, and relationships; who will percolate conversations in a friendly manner; who will help to recruit the army of stake holders that we need to build a true Global Education Innovation Investment Company.
People who are interested in getting their hands dirty and using their expertise to help management teams improve the business performance of their companies.
People who want to invest in those companies, be that time or money, for they have the foresight to see the tremendous scale of future returns.

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